Monday, April 26, 2010

First, I don't think we can guarantee that we are voting wisely. Sure, we think we're making the right decisions for the right reasons, but let's be honest. We all made some lousy choices, and we've all been fooled. Maybe not in politics, at least not yet, but somewhere. Haven't we all been friends with a jerk, or bought a really bad car, or tried a really ineffective diet, or something?

Second, let's assume we do make the right choice. There's still no guarantee that our candidates will be successful when facing the challenges of the office. A great mayoral candidate may still have a nervous breakdown, a governor may still yield to temptation when confronted with temptations while in office.

Third, even if the best candidate becomes the best office holder, unless the will of the people support him, then it won't matter. If the public isn't behind him, then others can take advantage, and exploit his unpopularity their own agendas.So, just vote the best you can, and be a pain in the neck for the evil-doers. And hope for the best.


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