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Friday, March 4, 2016

Jonjon Lazatin tops the congressional race in Angeles City

Sen Lito Lapid lead by 4% over incumbent Mayor Ed Pamintuan in the latest local preference survey conducted by Bloggers Partylist Philippines.

In a media release on Friday, Bloggers Partylist Philippines announced the results of its latest local preference survey in Angeles City indicating that Lapid (scoring 43.78 percent) and Pamintuan (38.68 percent).

It said the rankings of the local candidates in the January study remain basically unchanged in the survey it conducted from February 22 to 27 this year.

Vice Mayor Vicky Vega scoring only 9.56 percent.

Meanwhile, 43.88 percent of the respondents backed the candidacy of Councilor Bryan Matthew Nepomuceno, Mamac scores 26.02 percent, Suller got 10.42 percent, Rivera 9.98 and Madlambayan scores 1.35 percent.

Bloggers Partylist Philippines said the study involved a multistage probability sample of 4,970 registered voters 18 years old and above, with biometrics, and that the survey has a ± 2% error margin.

On the other hand, the study showed differences in voter preferences in various geographical locations.

In AC riverside area, the leading vice mayoralty candidates are Councilor Nepomuceno (38.61 percent), brgy Captain Tony Mamac (34.57 percent), and Councilor Suller (9.32 percent).

Lapid leads in the rest of High Density are with 49.07 percent supporting him and Nepomuceno also scores 44.67 percent, while Pamintuan was preferred by 36.13 percent of the respondents while Mamac on vice mayoralty race scores 23.95 percent, Suller 12.11 percent Rivera 10.53 percent and Madlambayan got 2.48 percent.

Meanwhile, Carmelo Jonjon Lazatin tops the congressional race in Angeles City (52.86 percent) and Cong. Yeng Guiao who scores (39.44 percent). Lazatin scores 55 percent on Class B area while 34 percent on Guiao.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Binay top in Mabalacat

A survey by the IPolls Research Group shows Vice President Jejomar Binay is leading the presidential race based on the trust and approval ratings gathered by students here during a 10-day survey from December 12 to 21.
The survey did not focus on the winnability of the candidates but on their acceptability by voters, based on the lone question "Sino sa mga sumusunod na kandidato ang inyong pinagkakatiwalaan?" (Whom of the following candidates do you trust?)

In the random survey conducted on 3,360 respondents in the city's 27 barangays, Binay garnered 738 or 22 percent followed by Liberal Party bet Mar Roxas with 682 or 20 percent. Senator Grace Poe came in third with 573 or 17 percent; Rody Duterte with 544 or 16 percent; Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago with 505 or 15 percent; while 318 were undecided.

Among the candidates for vice president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. topped the survey with 842 or 25 percent followed by Senator Francis Escudero with 763 or 23 percent. LP vice presidential bet Leny Robredo landed at the third slot with 614 or 18 percent; Senator Allan Cayetano with 315 or 9 percent; Senator Gringo Honasan with 263 or eight percent; and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV with 92 or three percent. A total of 471 or 14 percent were undecided.

Reelectionist First District Representative Joseller "Yeng" Guiao bagged 2,031 or 60 percent while rival Jonjon Lazatin hauled 1,076 or 32 percent. About 253 or eight percent were undecided.
Meanwhile, the same respondents gave their approval and confidence to incumbent Mayor Marino "Boking" Morales who garnered 2,117 or 63 percent of the respondents followed by Noel Castro with 846 or 25 percent. Board Member Cris Garbo of Kambilan landed in the third slot with 213 or six percent; Pyra Lucas with 79 or two percent while 105 or three percent were undecided.

The positions for governor, vice-governor and vice-mayor of Mabalacat City were not included in the survey since the reelectionists have no opponents in the upcoming polls. 

Monday, September 21, 2015


I was just at the right place, at the right time.

I was heading to Midsayap recently on board the van of my friend.  Since he knew that I’m looking for human interest pictures, he just navigates his van at a speed of about 40-50kph so that it would be quick for us to halt should we’d spot some interesting subjects. That’s always our drill whenever we travel together.

He knows what I need, he knows how to spot human interest pictures,too. He’s an experienced driver, he has been ferrying journalists , especially TV crews, around Mindanao during major events — war, disaster,etc.

As we were approaching, the junction of Paco (Kidapawan City) and Pres. Roxas, he slowed down to allow some motorcycles to cross the highway. Besides, there were barricades on the side of the road.

First, the construction of a gas station at the corner caught my attention. And then the giant billboard. In my mind, what is this giant billboard doing here. When I turned my head to see what’s on that billboard, there were two guys peeing right in front of billboard…right in front of Roxas’ face. Interesting! I quickly grabbed my camera and took some shots.

Kaya pala nag number two sa pinaka bagong bayad na survey ng SWS si Mar Roxas, wala kasing tigil ang advertisement nito mula Luzon hanggang Mindanao, mula radyo, t.v, print ad, social media at mga tarpaulin sa kalsada! Ang tanong saan ba niya kinukuha ang pera para sa maagang pangangampanyang ito?


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jerry Pelayo of Candaba Bird Sanctuary

We hitched our way back to the sanctuary and after arranging everything with our guide; she gave each of us a pair of binoculars. I declined mine since it was kinda hard hoisting two cameras along with it.

According to our friendly guide, the Pelayo Resthouse, the one found at the Candaba Swamp and not the one in town, is available for overnighters for a minimal fee. There are no rooms and beds here though and visitors who wished to stay overnight should bring their own sleeping materials. They then have a choice of either sleeping on the available benches or on the cold hard floor. There’s also no place to buy food here, this is in the middle of a farmland, so you’d have to bring your own. For those afraid of the dark, be sure to bring a lamp as it can get quite dark come sundown, there is no electricity at the compound.

We’re willing to endure all of those just to experience a sunset / sunrise combo at the Bird Sanctuary and this was really where we should have stayed for the night instead of at the comfy resthouse in town. It was apparent that a huge miscommunication regarding the house we were gonna stay in was the cause of much wasted time and money and I guess I’ve only myself to blame for not researching more.

Anyways, what’s done is done and after much trouble, we’re finally going to see them birds.
The DoƱa Simang Bird Sanctuary is a 70-hectare protected land decreed by Candaba’s The Pelayo Resthouse at Candaba Swamp Mayor Jerry Pelayo as farming started to encroach Candaba’s lowlands. The area is now a safe haven for birds migrating from Alaska, Russia, Japan, Korea and China.

The tour however, does not cover all 70 hectares, the birding trail circles only a small portion of the reserve.

The path is lined with six-foot tall bamboo fences with small peepholes every few feet. The fence, according to our guide, keeps the visitors from disturbing the migrant birds and at the same time prevents any disease that the birds might carry from being transmitted to the visitors.

The fence was installed during the bird flu scare of previous years, but as our guide explained, contacting disease from the migratory birds was quite a long shot since infected birds would not have survived the grueling miles of migration. Logical, if you really think about it.

The sun was already heating up; it was at last time for our bird tour!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EDSA noon at ngayon

Rally dito, Rally doon, People Power dito, People Power doon. Hindi pa ba napapagod ang Pinoy at ang mga namumuno sa gobyerno? Pinalitan nga ang mga pinuno ngunit hindi parin nagbabago ang buhay sa Pilipinas. Datirati ang sinisigaw ni Juan dela Cruz ay: "Erap Resign!", "Gloria Resign!", tapos ngayon, “Pnoy Resign!”. Kung titignan nga naman ang kasaysayan, nung bumaba ang dating pangulong Estrada, hindi naman sinabi ng mga Pilipino na si GMA na ang ihalal bilang ika-14 na pangulo ng bansa. Saan napunta ang democracy? Aba'y pagkababa plang nung isa, nanumpa naman kagad ung isa. San napunta ang kapangyarihan ng mga mamamayan para maghalal ng mamumuno?

Sa parte naman ng ating mga pinuno, bakit pa natin sila iboboto kung sa pagtagal din ay pabababain din naman? Dapat maging mas responsable tayong mga mamamayan. Maghalal ng pinuno na matino at pag nahalal naman ay ating suportahan. Ang nangyayari sa kasalukuyan kasi ay pagkaboto ng isang pinuno ay hahatakin naman pababa. Bakit ganito? Kasi kung kelan na nasa posisyon ang isang tao, dun pa lang lumalabas ang baho niya. Nung naging presidente si Erap, dun inilabas lahat ng mga paninira sa kanya. Pati narin kay GMA kc nung bise-presidente plang siya, tahimik ang mga tao eh nung naupo na siya, naglabasan na lahat ng paninira.

Hindi ko masisisi ang mga taong naglalabas ng mga issue na laban sa kanila dahil napakasakim naman ng kanilang ginagawa. Hindi lang si GMA ang dapat mag"Moderate ng Greed" kailangang pati na ang lahat ng mga politiko. Dahil kung Heavy, Moderate and Light ang pagiging Greedy, hindi ba ganun din? Nagnanakaw parin sila ng pera ng bayan. Hindi lang dapat daang libong paggagastos ng mga politiko ang dapat inspeksiyonin pero dapat singko pa lang ay magdalawang isip na tayo.

"Oras nang mag-isip-isip"

May pagkakaisa ba? Mag-isip-isip tayong lahat. Dumaan na ang Martial Law, EDSA 1 and 2, ganito parin ang Pinas. Hindi lang ang mga pinuno ang may sala sa pagbaba ng estado ng buhay ng masang Pinoy kundi pati narin ang ating mga sarili. Sana'y hangarin nating gumawa ng pagbabago sa bansa. Oras na para buksan ang mga mata ni Juan dela Cruz at bumangon ang Lupang Hinirang.

Kung iisipin natin, ano nga ba ang nangyari? Sabit si Erap sa Juetenggate. Sabit din sa kung ano-anong eskandalo sila Cory at Ramos sa panahon nila. Pero bakit kaso lang ni Erap ang sineryoso natin? Kasi ayaw natin sya, at ito ang pagkakataon para sipain sya sa palasyo. Nang maghirap ang ekonomiya nitong dalawang taon, ang balita ng business sector e dala lang daw ito ng crisis sa Asian region, ngayon retrospective biglang naging dahil kay Erap ang lahat. Tapos si GMA naman kinasuhan nga mga bagong upo! Ano yon, niloko nila tayo dati o niloloko nila tayo ngayon?

Aminin na natin: si Cory hinayaan nating kumanta, si Erap inagawan natin ng microphone, pinatayan natin ng amplifier, at nagtakip tayo ng tenga. Hindi natin binigyan si Erap ng respeto na akma sa presidente. Kaya natawa ako sa mga lokal na dyaryo nung na-saktan sila para kay Erap dahil sa article sa Time magazine. Aminin na natin, tayo ang nagsabi sa mundo na bobo ang presidente natin.

Di ko maalala kung mismong Indiana Jones nga yung napanood ko dati. Sa isang eksena e nasa higanteng palayok yung dalawang bida. Nilalaga sila ng mga cannibals. Para makaligtas, pinagsisipa ng mga bida yung palayok para tumaob at makatakas sila. Kaso palpak, mahina yung impact nila. Natatapon lang yung tubig ng palayok (yung sabaw!) At lalong napapabilis ang pagkulo nito.

Ganyan ang ginagawa natin ngayon. Sa mga work stoppage at rally na nangyayari at sa mga paninira kay Erap, lalong bumabagsak ang Pilipinas. Natural, lalong nababansot ang piso. Sino ngayon ang sisisihin natin? Si Erap. Rally na naman tayo. Bagsak na naman ang piso. Sino may kasalanan? Si Erap. Rally na naman tayo.... Sipa nang sipa sa palayok ang mga maling paa sa maling paraan. Napapabilis ang pagkulo ng tubig.

Muling gugunitain nanaman ang EDSA revolution.  Ang nakalulungkot, ‘yung mga nagpasimuno nito, sila ngayon ang nasasangkot sa katiwalian ng Disbursement Acceleration Program at Priority Development Assistance Fund. Kung aanalisahin, isyung pulitikal ang dahilan kung bakit nagkaroon ng pag-aalsa. Pero kung ihahambing ang noon at ngayon, mas naging masahol pa ang sitwasyon ng gobyerno ngayon.

Makikita mo rin na bias ang mga tao at media. Nang tumaas ang halaga ng piso, na-magic lang ito ng SSS et al, dahil dito kaya natin ngayon kinukundina ang administrasyon. Pero ngayon si VP Binay naman ang tinitira ng naka-upo sa pwesto, bakit, dahil sya ang pinaka-malakas na contender at hindi nila kalyado, anong dahilan, dahil ayaw nilang maiba ang leadership, natatakot sa ginawa nilang multo sa pinalitan nila sa pwesto!. Ngayon Mamasapano Issue, sakay dito, sakay doon, walang sawang imbestigasyon, wala naming pinupuntahan kundi Popularity at exposure lamang ang hangad nila!

Sa nangyaring revolution 29 taon na ang nakararaan, dapat natuto na tayo sa mga problema noon at ngayon upang maisakatuparan ang totoong diwa ng pagbabago.

“Mga aral ‘yun sa ating kasundaluhan at sa tingin ko naman ay nagsawa na tayo sa kaka-coup d’etat.

Wala nang mangyayaring ganu’n siguro,” sabi Honasan.

Kainis! Tumataas presyon ko sa inyo ah!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bayanihan para sa Tacloban

Prayers and aid for those affected by Haiyan.

Dear Father, clear a path for teams to provide immediate relief for affected families. Now that the storm has passed over the country, put Your hand on the people of the Philippines and everyone involved in the relief effort, so that aid may reach those in need speedily.

Caritas Manila Damayan BPI 3063-5357-01; BDO 5600-45905; Metrobank 175-3-17506954-3; Unionbank 00-030-001227-5; for US$ donations: BPI 3064-0033-55 (Swift Code: BOPIPHMM) or PNB 10-856-660002-5 (Swift Code: PNBMPHMM); email or call (632) 564-6678

Just to share a thought: the initial reaction of giving leads to an outpouring of aid in the first weeks after an incident.  However, as a staff of another charitable institution I interviewed before said, the aid tends to trickle down in the ensuing weeks or months when aid is still very much needed.  I just noticed some posts in the social media networks regarding worries that December might be a bit late in raising more funds.  As I've written earlier, every little bit helps and no aid is too late -- be it money, food, clothes, and of course, prayers.  While we may never understand why our country has been visited by one calamity after another especially in the light of the earthquake in Bohol just weeks ago, all I know is that each one becomes an opportunity to rise above the occasion and help each other.

Lord, You consistently tell us in Your Word to care for the poor and needy among us. So we ask You to touch people's hearts to care for and give to help this very needy region. Help donations to be used efficiently and effectively to help those who need them most.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ombudsman asks Edpam for counter-affidavit on graft case

Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon Adoracion Agbada, in an order dated December 5, 2012, asked Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan to submit a counter-affidavit for the graft and corruption charges filed against him by local mediaman Robledo Sanchez.

Pamintuan and company are being charged with two administrative cases, conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service and grave misconduct, and two criminal cases, violation of section 3(e) and 3(g) of Republic Act 3019, otherwise known as Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and Violation of Article 217 (Malversation of public funds or property; Presumption of malversation) of the Revised Penal Code.

The letter, addressed to the respondents -- Pamintuan, City Accountant Wilfredo Tiotuico, City Budget Officer Fe Corpuz, City Treasurer Juliet Quinsaat, and all Department Heads -- ordered Pamintuan and company to submit three copies of their respective counter-affidavits and any relevant evidence refuting the case filed against them.

Pamintuan and company were asked to submit their counter-affidavits within 10 days upon the receipt of the letter.

Failure to comply with the said order will be considered a waiver on the part of the respondents to submit any counter-affidavit and refuting evidence and will result in the case being considered submitted for resolution.

On October 19, 2012, Sanchez filed the graft and corruption charges against Pamintuan and company before the Office of the Ombudsman regarding the 2,506 job order appointments of the City Government under the Pamintuan administration.

It was recently revealed in a local radio program that some 40 names included in the list of job order employees are actually relatives of barangay officials.

Several of the concerned barangay officials have aired their statements denying any knowledge about the inclusion of their relatives in the job order list.

The barangay officials also clarified that although the names of their relatives were included in the job order list, they are neither working for nor receiving salary from the City Government.

These officials include Councilmen’s League of Angeles City (CLAC) Vice President and Barangay Cutcut Kagawad Roy Ogurida, CLAC Vice President for External Affairs and Barangay Lourdes Northwest Kagawad William David, Barangay Salapungan Kagawad Renato Coronel, and Barangay Margot Kagawad Nenita Ferrer.

by Rey Navales
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