Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Bloggers Party-list has the following specific objectives:

1. To provide an institutional vehicle for its members to promote causes of concern to bloggers, such as blogger's benefits and the state of the environment;

2. To develop and institute national programs that seek, maintain, and improve the physical, mental, spiritual being of its members;

3.To promote, encourage, and undertake civic, cultural, social, and economic activities for its members;

4.To sustain the devotion and loyalty of its members to the noble traditions of the service professions;

5. To help its members organize the expertise acquired by them in various professional disciplines and

propagate the best practices in these disciplines to the interested public;

6. To develop and implement programs to allow its members to apply their knowledge and experience in helping educate the nation’s future generations;

7.To assist government and non-government agencies in developing, advocating, and implementing plans, policies, and programs that relate to educational development, environmental preservation, and energy conservation;

8.To raise funds to finance the programs and projects of the Association.



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